I admit I'm fickle, but I changed my mind again and moved this blog over to WordPress. It's new name is Theresa's Blog because most people know me by Theresa or T.J.

I don't have WordPress completely figured out, but I already have a few followers and I hope to add more. Please check it out by clicking above or by typing


into your browser. This is my last post on this site and I'd appreciate it if you look me up on WordPress.
Okay, I admit that's a weird title. But, it describes exactly how I feel right now.

After losing my mother in March, having my husband in the hospital a month later and my mother-in-law breaking her hip in October, I honestly think this is the most difficult year I've ever experienced.

My writing goals went down in smoke. I don't think I met a single one of them. Almost everything else in my life is  where it was in March. I haven't truly "moved-on." Oh, I've tried. I'd make new goals every month or so, but I didn't stick with them for long. I renewed my interest in genealogy in hopes of compiling it by Christmas, but that desire fizzled out too.

My depression over all of this was compounded by the fact that I have a serious toothache and it's bothered me for the last three weeks or more. I'm truly surprised I made it through Christmas without going totally insane.

How about you? Did you make it through Christmas without losing your mind?
I recently discovered that Facebook, Yahoo! Chat and a few other "Social Media" sites still had my old website address. Since that no longer works, I have started correcting the problem.

Both this blog site and my main page Jewel's Writing are now listed on Facebook and my profile on Yahoo! I will fix others as I find them. If anyone else discovers a place that needs changed, please te
I'm making one more change and then I'll leave this site alone (except for blog posts, of course).

I'm changing the name of Jewel's Writing Blog to just Jewel's Blog. After that, my entries don't always have to relate to writing. Most of them will be about writing, but sometimes I just want to write something else.

For instance, I've thought about putting most of my blogs together during the last week or two. I made a new blog on WordPress where I thought I would do this. However, I'm now thinking I should put most, if not all of my blogs on Weebly.com . This could be done by simply adding more blogs to this site! If i decide to do this, you will soon see additional pages with different blog titles on them.
My main Website, Jewel's Writing had a few "bugs" in it. However, I believe they are all fixed now. All the pages are working or are linked with this web log.

I seriously thought about moving these pages to another blog server. But, I was able to repair them and decided not to confuse anyone more than they already are. 
For some reason, My Blog from Jewel's Writing did not "Redirect" or "Copy" from  jewelswriting.com  to  jewelammons.weebly.com ! Therefore, it now has its own "address" or link which is  jewelswritingblog.weebly.com .

When you visit Jewel's Writing Blog, you will see a "Home" page where most of my old posts were copied to their new site. The other tab is labeled "Jewel's Blog". Click on the appropriate tab above to read all the new posts I've written!